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Who we are & What we do

SUPERIOR REACH IS A CUTTING EDGE MARKETING FIRM - Founded by experienced technology & marketing people.

Specializing in search engine marketing and social media management. We have a passion for delivering results that exceed the normal expectations of our clients. Our marketing firm brings the high degree of professionalism and results that the top companies and organizations in the world expect.

We run the marketing race from the front, where we don’t only focus a strategy around winning, but a strategy to dominate the market we enter. We have been actively marketing, testing, and refining our online technical strategy since 2002. We have a great mastery of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Channels, Website Performance & Conversion, as well as Traffic Analysis Tracking built around customer behavior with what is working now.

We know where the online traffic is coming from, and we are aware why that traffic is there. We do not rest in our pursuit to stay at the front of the race. We consistently win for our clients from our approach to continuously learn and refine. It’s the expertise we believe you deserve.

We set a clear path. From where you currently are and based on your strategic goals, we outline precisely how long and precisely what it will take to arrive there. A pre-defined timeline for success. We believe our clients should never be in the dark on their path to success.

Our partners consistently experience a healthy return on investment after working with us.

The ExecutiveTeam

Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson

Founder & Principle Owner

Rick has over 20 years of advanced technology and marketing experience in several sectors from government to large Fortune 500 corporations in Europe, South America, and the United States. He has directly worked with, managed, and consulted on several major projects including the U.S. Olympics Games. He has been actively applying and refining technology and marketing since 2002.


Carrie Ann

Partner & Marketing Pro

Carrie has well over a decade of experience of successful online marketing for various companies conducting business in the U.S. as well as Internationally. She has over 8 years of experience specifically driving business into eCommerce thru social media channels. Carrie heads up our Social Media Marketing division. She is driven by her love of connecting people with a purpose.

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